The mainstream prejudice toward metal in the furniture industry is to make it smooth, square, straight-lined, purely functional, and then cover everything up with a thick coat of paint. We challenge that approach. Metal has intrinsic beauty, comparable to the grain of natural wood, or the flow of minerals in stone. In the same way you accentuate the natural beauty of wood with a stain, you can magnify the natural beauty of metal and the skill of the craftsman instead of hiding it! Our finishes at Gable Valley are honest, a holistic extension of the manufacturing process that hide nothing. You will often see some focal points in our designs accented with brass tinting. It is real brass, applied to the substrate material with heat, and is a little blacksmiths' trick to add a delicate touch of color. 

Old World Silver

Old World Silver pairs great with our hand forged designs. It is one of our most common finishes. It is sealed with a polyurethane clearcoat for great durability, and can be cared for the same way you care for any other furniture.

Old World Copper

Old World Copper combines with our hand forged designs in absolutely stunning effect. It is sealed with a polyurethane clear coat for great durability, and can be cared for the same way you care for any other furniture.

Beeswax Finish

Our Beeswax finish is pure tradition. One of the earliest methods of sealing ironwork against the elements was with a coat of beeswax melted over the piece while it was still hot. Nothing has changed in the centuries since. When you touch the piece you feel the piece, not a coating of some sort. Visually it resembles the Old World Silver finish. While not the best option for high traffic or high moisture environments, it is the choice of anyone who cares about authenticity. Spills should be cleaned up immediately, and if desired the finish can be treated or touched up with a beeswax based furniture polish.

Old World Bronze

Old World Bronze presents yet another versatile finish within our collection. Sealed with a polyurethane clear coat for superb durability, it demands no special treatment and can be cared for just like any other piece of furniture in your possession

Iron Ore

Iron Ore is another great option, allowing the subtle nuances of the surface of the metal to remain visible. No two pieces of metal are ever exactly alike and the Iron Ore Finish is completely honest about that! Overall color is a dark grey, and the finish is sealed with clear polyurethane, making care quite simple.

Antique Brass

Antique Brass seamlessly melds with our hand-forged designs, creating a truly captivating aesthetic. Sealed with a polyurethane clear coat for exceptional durability, it requires the same care as any other piece of furniture in your collection.

Old World Polish

Old World Polish finish adds a modern twist to your furniture collection. Due to the nuances of heating and bending stainless steel, it is only available on select items.

Powder Coats

Sometimes design constraints demand a smooth and seamless coated appearance. We are able to create that look if you wish, with literally thousands of powder coat colors at our disposal. If you go to the following website and get us the product number, we can have it coated in that color. Prismatic Powders